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  • CULT CLASIC SPOTLIGHT: Legends of Dragoon

    Back in the early 2000’s I borrowed a friends PlayStation and games for several months. I played several RPG’s from the 90’s that have become classics today such as: Final Fantasy 7,8,9 & Tactics, Breath Of Fire 3&4, and my personal Favorite Legends of Dragoon( released June 2000). While all of these games are solid…

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    As I mentioned before being born before the 21st century has its perks. I got to experience a plethora of video games made before and after the turn of the century. One such game was Homeworld released September of 1999 by Relic Entertainment and Sierra Studios. Homeworld was the first video game I played that…

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  • About ME! or US?

    Where to START? Hi! Just call me Ralend. I was born sometime in the mid 90’s before the internet was how we see it today. I watched it break forth from the ether of primordial space to form what we have today. All along the while I played video games from the time I was…

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