Dungeon Dudes Tryo

About ME! or US?

Where to START?

Hi! Just call me Ralend. I was born sometime in the mid 90’s before the internet was how we see it today. I watched it break forth from the ether of primordial space to form what we have today. All along the while I played video games from the time I was 2 until now and won’t stop until I drop dead…

So what brings me here? What brought you here? I’ve always had a passion for video games and figured why not voice my opinion? Well… we all know what opinions are like… a few friends of mine tried various things in the past to little success all under the name dungeondudestryo such as YouTube, Twitch and various other outings to little success.

One thing I always longed for was to voice my opinions good, bad, old or new. So we are going to write our takes on video games old and new and you are welcome to read all about it on our new blog.

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