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  • New Release: THE DARK EGG

    The Dark EGG was released Aug 28, 2022, Developed and Published by Transcend Pixels. “A surrealist text-based RPG. You will explore an island, solve puzzles, and fight enemies, all in your attempt to get the Dark Egg” Is the description the developers state about their game. I downloaded this game on a whim… That may…

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  • D&D and Video Games

    D&D a popular series of tabletop RPG’s has been around for a while… since 1974 to be exact. Early video game adaptions were products of their time to say the least. Archaic by what we have today they were ground breaking back then. The first official video game adaption appears in the late 80’s. Pool…

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  • Series Overview: Pathfinder Kingmaker/Wrath of The Righteous

    Pathfinder where to start? Well I think it’s safe to say that a good portion of people who play table top RPG’s probably play RPG videogames… besides stating the obvious. The concept of turning table top RPG’s into video games isn’t new. I could write a whole article on this by itself and probably will…

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